Our purpose is...

"If it's possible for you, it's possible for me, it's just a matter of how!"

The purpose of stepUP Foundation is to educate and excite teenagers the world over about the possibilities for their futures in business and in life.

We do that via 2-day flagship events, an online community, school and individual products such as Audio CD's. Further ongoing programs are being launched throughout the year.

By seeing example after example of people who started just where they are now, via our Speakers and Coaches, Teens begin to understand that anything really is possible if they just set their mind to it.

Our Intention

The first intention of stepUP Foundation is to educate and excite teenagers about the possibilities for their futures in business and in life and to deliver on key outcomes of creating empowerment, self worth, inspiration, renewed strength, tools, strategies and fun.

The second intention of stepUP Foundation is for any adults associated with stepUP such as Foundation Members, Volunteers, Coaches, Speakers, even Suppliers and Sponsors to have breakthroughs in their own lives, create new opportunities for themselves or their businesses, learn new skills, establish new relationships and discover new possibilities professionally and personally.

Lastly, the final and fundamental intention of stepUP Foundation is to contribute to world peace. One person at a time. We do that by having Teens – who are our future leaders (the ones who will determine our future as a nation and a planet, our economic stability, world peace and more in the years to come) realize that someone from different circumstances than their own is really not so different after all, and their job, after having their own lives work, is to make a difference out there.

Our Vision

stepUP is THE leading youth organization and resource in the world, operating on all 6 continents by the year 2013, each year reaching hundreds of thousands, later millions of young people around the world. Given stepUP’s size, scope and success it has the ability to contribute to other programs and charities globally as well as continuing the expansion of stepUP.

Expansion into New Zealand and the United Kingdom was achieved in 2006. Further expansion is planned across Australia and into the USA in 2007. International interest is mounting. stepUP is particularly keen to go to countries or areas where there are significant barriers to communities working together such as Palestine and Israel, North and South Ireland and many more regions around the world where the youth are the future and yet are constrained by the past..

Our Mission

Day to day our purpose is to educate and inspire youth, particularly those who are underprivileged or at risk, about the possibilities in business and in life. We do that via exceptionally well delivered 1 and 2 day events, an online community that is second to none, ongoing mentoring programs, products and communication with participants. stepUP Foundation aims to go beyond what is considered ordinary or "good". We strive to give participants a full blown, thought altering and rewarding 'experience'. An experience that is for most, unlike anything they've ever participated in before. At stepUP 2002 our founding event, it became known as a 'Sliding Door' moment. This watershed in the minds of our participants – whether Coaches or Teens - is what we're out to create - something where they know undeniably in their hearts and minds that what comes after, will never be the same as what came before ...

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